Things Worth Reading


8 “must have” traits for the person who facilitates your strategy:

A really thought-provoking list of things you might not expect to nee in the person tasked with guiding your strategy.

5 Business Lessons from Wolfgang Puck:

It’s always good to hear some sound brand-building basics from someone who has actually used them to build many valuable businesses – here the famous Chef Wolfgang Puck gives his advice on building a brand.

6 Social Media Tips:

Some great, simple but high impact things to change or remember when using Social media as a marketing environment.

Advice from Facebook’s Head of Tech Comms:

A really great piece with practical advice on how to think through your communications and make them clear and useful.

And if you want some help with what she calls the “brand lens” (and what I call the Brand VP), then let me know!

6 Steps to Redefining Your Brand:

Another great summary of key things to remember when you think (or re-think) your brand in 2014, and beyond…

The 10 Commandments of Content:

A fabulous article from Fast Company (yet again!) about story-telling and how to approach social (and other) media in an era where you have to earn your right to be read and loved.

Bringing Your Brand Values to Life

A great article touching on the shift from “perfect” to “real” brands, and how sharing your stories honestly and openly can really bring your values to life and help people – inside and outside your organisation – know you and love you for who you are.

Mike Abel: In defense of the great pay-off line

A great reminder that the “simplest” things can work really hard for you if you’re prepared to think through them well.

What You (as the GM or CEO or Owner) Need To Know About Branding:

Simply my favorite article about Branding ever. I love the straight-forwardness and the simplicity of it.

If you only read one article on this list, make it this one!

Girl Scout Badges & Raising Leaders:

A really engaging case-study with great insights about both leadership and design.

Divisions & Dependencies: OpEd by Mike Freedman

Nice challenging OpEd about how hard it is to stay true to your brand.

The Key To Long-Term Dominance?

Thought-provoking article on what really makes for a sustainable differentiator. I love the very last idea from Mats Lederhausen…

Brand Early Not Often

A great article on why it’s worth investing in your brand up-front.

In fact, there’s so much great advice on this truly impressive list of articles collated by Fast Company, it’s really worth reading them all!