What we do

The Brand Conservatory is a company of consulting brand managers – a term inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ “consulting detective” moniker. We use a network of direct and freelance resources who are all highly experienced and have hands-on brand management expertise as well as broad knowledge of the classic and constantly changing aspects of brand development and implementation.

Our standard working model is either on contracted retainer or on a fixed project basis where our commitment is to being part of your team and to our deliverables, not to the number of hours worked. We offer flexibility to ensure that we give you the support and expertise you need, when you need it.

As part of your team we are committed to non-partisan vetting, sourcing and appointing of agencies and suppliers, as well as the ongoing management of all parties (internal and external) to ensure that your marketing efforts are true to your brand and objectives, are cost effective and efficient, and are up to date with changing environments, competitive situations and internal needs.

We love brands and working with clients to create and build brands that tell their unique business stories in such a way as to grow the business, it’s community, and everyone within it’s reach.

If you need senior marketing expertise on strategy and implementation; a management team member dedicated to achieving the business objectives; and a scalable cost-base, then this is the solution for you.

Key outcomes:

  • We help you write your own differentiated brand story based on the truth of what your business is
  • We help get your team on the same page, and help them align with the business objectives
  • We create brand, marketing, and communication plans to support your business objectives
  • We work as part of the team to manage and optimise the implementation of your formed or re-formed brand story
  • We are a strategic resource for your management team, and bring external perspective and input into the formulation of business strategies, as well as being a sounding-board for business owners and managers around strategy and innovation
  • We work to feed insight and news into your business, and build internal brand skills and knowledge in order to enable the whole team to support and grow the brand